‘Famous’ man built an entire gnome blockade to stop drivers parking near his home

A man who caused a commotion regarding the parking situation in front of his home is getting more and more famous with each day as people come flocking to meet him.

Homeowner Derek Woodacre, 65, from Manchester caused a stir constructing a barricade in front of his own home so people would stop parking on his street, report Manchester Evening News.

Since the news broke out about what he was doing, the man of Mosley Common admitted people from “across Manchester” had come to visit him and see the site for themselves. But, he’s since removed the blockade.

The battle first began a year ago when a furious Derek said parents doing the school run would park in front of his home.

Back in July, Derek’s homemade measures to stop parking were removed. But that had only toughened his resolve to get the road certified as unadopted.

Derek also made his own gnomes, and has even created ones supporting the Ukraine appeal.

The 65-year-old said people have been left “in tears of laughter” when they hear about what he has in store for the future.

He said: “People drive past Manchester and are coming to see me and burst out laughing.

“They are in tears hearing about what I have planned for the future. It has gone mad in the area.”

Now, he has admitted that if the road becomes unadopted and he is able to reinstall a blockade, he plans on making even more gnomes.

Already having what he calls ‘Gnome Man’s Land’ in his front garden, his idea is to extend out front and call the whole road he lives on ‘Lake Gnomo’ – which combines his love for gnomes and Lake Como.

Since this ludicrous idea came about, Derek has been inundated with visitors from across Greater Manchester and further afield.

However, despite his newfound popularity, Derek is not number one on all of his neighbours’ Christmas card lists.

These neighbours admitted that his antics had led to “sleepless nights” and the barricade had become so large it got to the point where emergency vehicles and bin men couldn’t get through to the end of the street.

They called him “antagonising” and “stressful”. But Derek believes these neighbours against him are only few in number, and claims he “just does not care anymore” about their opinions.

Derek even created a “suggestion box” where he plans on laminating the responses he gets.

The technical writer is an avid collector and managed to come across planters which he put on the road alongside the speed restrictions to give them weight. But he said that he didn’t get the money from the other residents for his plans which is why went solo in his ambitions.

Explaining why he constructed the barricade in the first place, back in July, he said: “I moved here five years ago and this is an unadopted road so the council is not responsible for it. When I moved in I thought what the hell is this.

“The first week I saw a lot of people parking from the school. I felt a lot of abuse from parents when I told them they couldn’t park there.

“We have to pay to repair the road and it costs thousands. I met every resident on the road and they told me about all the problems.”

He continued: “There have been assaults and property damage and we wanted to get this sorted. I said this is not acceptable and said there is no point in repairing the road if we can’t stop people parking here.

“People who were walking past them were admiring them. They were saying ‘wow’.

“They [Wigan Council] tried to force me to remove the stuff from the highway two months ago. That is when I got the notice.

“Then it was July 19 when they came to remove it.”