Use déjà vu to bridge realities in hard sci-fi psychological thriller The Gap

An intriguing-sounding psychological thriller called The Gap was announced during the Future Games Show this evening.

It’s described as a hard sci-fi first-person narrative game set in 2045, not that the sci-fi elements are particularly apparent from the debut trailer. This shows you, a neuroscientist called Joshua Hayes, waking up on the floor of presumably your own apartment, with a voice – and written messages on the walls – telling you not to trust anyone. But you can’t remember what is going on.

Hayes suffers from a rare genetic disorder that affects his memory, so the focus in the game is trying to recover those memories by re-experiencing them. The catalyst for this is déjà vu, triggered by objects that act like a bridge to a parallel reality to experience memories again. But there’s tragedy hiding in your past, too.

The Gap is the debut game from two-person Slovenian studio Label This, and will be published by small Polish team Crunching Koalas, which has been around for a while, mostly porting and doing work-for-hire jobs on games like Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, Darkwood and This War of Mine.

The Gap is coming to PC, PS5 and Xbox Series S/X, and Crunching Koalas tells me it’s aiming for early next year.