Nuisance neighbour fined for standing and staring at farmhouse on driveway

A nuisance neighbour was taken to court for staring at a farmhouse.

Christopher Woody, 75, was seen three times walking on the driveway of the farmhouse in a country village – and “stood staring” at the resident.

Woody, of Tavernspite, Pembrokeshire, denied harassment without violence but was convicted after the court heard evidence.

Magistrates in Haverfordwest heard on September 14 Woody walked on to the driveway of a farmhouse to stare at the occupier on three occasions.

Woody was given a restraining order with the conditions that he is not to contact the other resident – and that he must not go within 50 metres of the property concerned.

He was also ordered to pay £650 costs to the Crown Prosecution Service, with a surcharge of £69.

Earlier this week, a homeowner wrote about her own frustrations when it comes to neighbours.

In a post on Mumsnet, the woman wrote: “My lovely neighbour built a cabin/pagoda on our boundary during lockdown. They have hooked up a TV [inside] and [the male neighbour] likes to use it to watch sport or films. Fine, but it is hard to avoid the noise of feeling like in ‘room’ with him.

“Last week I sat out having lunch to the soundtrack of a football match and commentary. I’m all for live and let live so not sure how to approach this. Unless he wears headphones there is no getting away from the noise. Ideas please for approaching this?”

Commenters on the post said the mum would be unlikely to get “absolute quiet” in her garden unless she moved to a remote location where she didn’t have neighbours at all.

But others said the woman could always ask politely for the man to wear headphones while watching TV – but noted that he may not be keen on obliging.